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Electricity Plugs

Consumer unit
Switch gear upgrades

At prime electrical services we provide  consumer unit  and switch gear upgrades and replacements. Your fuseBoard is a critical piece of your electrical installation offering numerous safety critical features.

A consumer unit is the control centre for the whole power supply around an installation, designed to prevent electric shocks and fires. It’s an essential piece of equipment that should always be replaced on a rewiring job or at the end of its service life, you may need a new consumer unit to add more capacity to your existing installation.We fit Many brands and sizes of consumer units, so it should be easy to find the right product for your job.

All of our installations are fully certified and we'll  notify your building control. We'll test all the electrical circuits in the house during the installation, which will confirm the whole house is electrically safe.

Some of the benefits of a new consumer unit are:

  • Safety and protection for your home and family

  • Trusted engineers to fit in your new fuse box (consumer unit) replacement

  • Ensures appliances are meeting latest regulations

  • Latest safety features

  • Quality workmanship guaranteed


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