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Solar and Battery installation

At Prime Electrical Services we are committed to installing high quality solar and energy storage systems.
Powering your home with solar energy is a great renewable energy solution. Due to advances in technology the cost of installing solar pv has come down considerably in recent years. With the rising cost of energy, solar pv is becoming more financially attractive to households and businesses.

Installing solar pv and energy storage systems allows you to become less reliant on the grid, helping you to reduce your impact on the environment and have greater control of how and when your energy is used.
We  design and build different solar systems to suit a wide range of situations be that commercial or domestic.

Some of the economic and environmental benefits of solar pv are:
1.reduction in energy bills
2. Option to sell energy back to the grid
3. Store electricity for later use
4.Reduction In carbon footprint 
5. Less of an impact on wildlife compared to traditional energy generation system
6. Less waste material compared to traditional energy systems.

We tailor our solar and battery storage systems to each individual client's needs.  Fill out the questionnaire below to start the process of obtaining a remote site survey.

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