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Electrical rewiring in London and the South East

We provided top quality rewiring services to clients. Whether its a domestic rewire of your house or a commercial rewire for your business, you can rest assured our rewiring services comply with all relevant building regulations and requirements. From partial to full house rewires we've got you covered. Rewiring a house typically involves removing old wiring and installing new electrical wiring and all related components.

House Rewiring in London and the South East

At prime electrical services we use quality materials and accessories on all our work. The first fix stage is where we do all the work needed on hidden cabling that must be carried out before plastering. The work typically includes cutting chases and installing cabling into the walls. Then fitting new back boxes for switches and sockets. Rewiring power, heating and lighting circuits. Rewiring phone and TV aerial sockets. Plus, adding cabling for new technology such as burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, doorbells, outdoor lighting etc. 

The second fix stage is carried out once all re-plastering is completed and the walls are made good. This work will include wiring in the faceplates on switches and sockets. Wiring in light fittings. Connecting items such as cookers, extractor fans, electric showers, heating controls etc. Then everything is connected to the consumer unit and tested to ensure it complies with BS7671 wiring regulations and is in correct working order. Generally the cost of a rewire with us starts at £5000 for a 2 bedroom property depending on the specification, contact us for a tailor made quote. Our fixed wiring is also covered by the 6 year NICEIC platinum promise.  

Commercial rewiring in London and the South East

At Prime Electrical Services we can update any aging components to ensuring compliance with modern electrical standards, our commercial electrical rewiring is a strategic investment in the long-term safety and functionality of your commercial property. It involves a systematic approach, beginning with a detailed assessment of the existing wiring system. This assessment helps us identify potential hazards, assess the load capacity of the current system, and determine the optimal layout for the new wiring


The actual rewiring process includes removing old wiring, installing new conductors, upgrading electrical switch gear, and implementing any necessary safety features. This comprehensive overhaul ensures that the commercial space is equipped with a reliable,  energy efficient, and compliant electrical system, capable of meeting the demands of modern technology and business operations.


Contact us for a quote.

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