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EV Charging point installers in London

With the ban on new diesel and petrol cars fast approaching prime electrical services are excited to be at the forefront of helping to provide the charging infrastructure needed to power the future. We Install EV charge points in and around London and the South East.

Electric vehicles are an important part of achieving net zero and improving air quality in our communities. Some considerations before installing EV charge points that must be adhered to include adequate earthing and bonding provision, a dedicated circuit and the load profile of the installation. We provide both domestic and commercial vehicle charging points.

The increasing demand for publicly accessible EV charging stations is on the rise. Consequently, it becomes a good choice for current electric vehicle owners or those considering one for their next car to invest in a personal home car charging point.  Properties equipped with such charging infrastructure often experience a boost in value, as an more individuals actively seek residences with this essential feature when exploring options for home purchases or rental. 

At Prime Electrical Services we have the expertise to deliver EV charging infrastructure at a cost effective price with minimal disruption. Domestic installations of EV charge points that cause the properties electrical demand to increase above 60 amps require prior approval from your distribution network operator (DNO). We use chargers which incorporate dynamic load balancing to keep your consumption below 60 amps if possible. Another possibility is that your property has a main fuse that is 60 amps if this is the case consuming more than your fuse is rated for will may cause your fuse to activate meaning your electricity supply may be disrupted and you may incur costs from your DNO to replace the fuse.

What is dynamic load balancing?

Dynamic load balancing serves as a device that constantly monitors real-time changes in your energy consumption, both day and night. Its primary function is to evenly distribute power, preventing any strain on the electrical system and potential overloads.

Consider those bustling moments at home when the washing machine, tumble dryer, oven, and kettle are all in operation simultaneously. Adding electric vehicle (EV) charging to the mix could risk blowing a fuse. Dynamic load balancing steps in to ensure your EV charges safely and optimally without requiring any manual intervention from you.

So, how does dynamic load balancing operate?

Using a current transformer (CT) clamp, it tracks the total load (amps) flowing through your home. This clamp connects to your incoming energy supply cable and transmits real-time energy usage data to a charging management system, which can be integrated into or external to the charger. The system then communicates with your home EV charger, guiding it on how much power it can draw from your available electricity, optimizing allocation for efficiency.

For instance, during periods of high appliance usage, the charging process may pause or slow down. Conversely, when your energy demand decreases, more energy is directed to the charger, facilitating faster EV charging when your household energy usage is minimal.

Own more than one EV? A dynamic load balancer enables the installation of multiple chargers on the same electrical circuit. This allows simultaneous charging of both vehicles by skillfully balancing the distribution of available power between them. Some chargers even allow you to set preferences if you want to prioritize faster charging for a specific vehicle.

What are the benefits of dynamic load balancing?

No need for electrical system upgrades If your electrical system isn't prepared for the added load of an EV charger, expensive upgrades might be necessary. Dynamic load balancing eliminates this concern by ensuring your EV charger never exceeds a safe energy usage level.

Avoid accidental fuse blowouts The charger intelligently adjusts its speed or pauses charging when high-energy appliances are in use, preventing any accidental overload. It resumes or accelerates charging when energy-intensive devices are not in operation.

Optimized charging efficiency Dynamic load balancing continually optimizes charging based on available home electricity, preventing excess energy draw from the grid. This not only enhances safety but could also lead to cost savings on electricity.

Cut your EV charging costs by up to 70%

Intelligent Octopus Go: the UK's most popular EV tariff

Automatically charge your car when it's cheapest and get super low smart charging rates plus 6h of cheap energy for your whole home every night. 

At prime electrical services we are fully up to date with the latest wiring regulations and code of practice relating to EV charge points. We install a wide range of EV charging equipment from a variety of manufacturers including.

We install all types of electrical vehicle charging equipment.

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