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Local London Electricians

Looking for your local London electricians? Prime electrical services group are here to save the day! You can find us in and around London and the southeast we are the electricians that London can’t stop buzzing about! We are your local go to heroes when it comes to all things electrical.

We specialise in Commercial and domestic electrical installations, with the experience and expertise to handle all eventualities you can rest assured you are in safe hands with us. Your peace of mind is our priority at prime electrical services group that’s why we are fully insured and accredited.

Let's face it, electricity isn't a walk in the park. It's more like navigating a power-packed minefield! That's why, when you've got electrical work on your to-do list, you're going to want a certified electrician to carry out the work. Electricity is a major cause of accidental fires in UK homes – over 20,000 each year, electricity can be dangerous in the wrong hands that’s why only qualified and competent persons should carry out electrical work.

All work from our London electricians complies with British Standard (BS7671) Requirements for Electrical Installations. We are fully qualified with city & guilds and the joint industry board(jib) and hold gold skill cards. All relevant work is certified and registered with the appropriate organisations e.g. your local authority building control department. This means we put safety first and come highly recommended for providing a great service and workmanship you can trust.

Whether it’s fault finding, nuisance tripping, adding a new socket or upgrading a consumer unit, our team delivers top-quality services for our customers. We can also quote for large-scale installation work, and renewable technology such as solar panel and battery installation.  We have fully qualified electricians in and around London who can conduct electrical safety inspections (EICR) in domestic and commercial environments. Check out a useful guide to eicrs here 

Reliable electricians near you

Experience peace of mind with our commitment to reliable knowledge and service you can trust.

Enjoy the confidence of a 12-month workmanship guarantee

Say goodbye to hidden fees with our transparent pricing, we make your satisfaction our priority.

Choose us for a seamless experience where trust, expertise, and value converge for your satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Prime electrical services are registered and competent electricians, our competence is provided by our qualifications and experience. We are fully qualified with the following qualifications:

 NICEIC registered

 City and guilds Nvq level 3

 City and guilds inspection and testing

 Eal electric vehicle charging.

 Bpec Solar installations

 Bpec electric energy storage systems

Using unregistered and incompetent electricians may seem cost-effective initially, as they may offer lower rates for their services. These individuals can offer lower rates as they do not have to go through the rigorous assessment process of a competent person schemes and may not have up to date qualifications or insurance.  However, the long-term costs can escalate due to frequent repairs, replacements, and potential damage to appliances and electronic devices. When electrical work is not done correctly the first time, fixing subsequent problems can be more complex and expensive. Opting for a qualified, registered electrician from the outset can save money in the long run and ensure that the electrical system functions efficiently and safely.

What will happen if I do not comply with the Building Regulations?

  If you do not comply the work will not be legal. You could be prosecuted and could face unlimited fines.

The work may not be safe, could cause health problems, injury or even death. It may also not meet energy efficiency standards.

 If work is found to be faulty your Local Authority could insist you put it right at your own expense.

 • If the work has not been notified to a Building Control Body or carried out by a Competent Person Scheme registered installer the Local Authority will have no record that the work complies with Building Regulations. These records will be important when you come to sell your home as you may be asked to provide certificates of compliance with the Building Regulations. Why should I use an installer who is registered with a Competent Person Scheme?

  An installer registered with a Competent Person Scheme is qualified to carry out specific types of work in accordance with Building Regulations and should both notify the local authority of the work and issue you a certificate of compliance with Building Regulations either directly or through their scheme operator. If you do not receive a certificate within 30 days of completion contact the Competent Person Scheme operator that your installer is registered with and they may be able to help you resolve this.

 If you do not use an installer registered with a Competent Person Scheme then you will have to submit a building notice or full plans application and pay a fee to have a Building Control Body come and inspect the work you have carried out.

  You will be given financial protection to cover the event of non-compliant work being found where the installation company has gone out of business Visit

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